Sole Sisters - Cardiff Reflexology Association
                          Sports Reflexology
 Do you have a sports injury ?
 Do you suffer from muscle fatigue post training/competition ?
 Are you taking pain killers and anti inflammatories in order to compete ?
 Do pre match nerves or competition pressure adversly affect your results ?
If you have answered 'YES'to any of these then Reflexology may be of benefit to you !
    How Reflexology may benefit you as a Sports person?
  • Increased circulation and therefore lymphatic action, act to energise the muscles and remove 
  • by -products of exercise, including Lactic Acid. You can train and play for longer without feeling the results of muscle fatigue, muscle seizure and cramping.
  • Less muscle stiffness due to increased elimination of lactic acid. Therefore recovery times between matches and training may be reduced so you are able to make more training sessions and play more matches.
  • You are less likely to suffer soft tissue  sprains, strains, tears and ruptures as a result of less muscle fatigue.
  • Inflammation and pain as a result of intense training, match work, sprains, strains and injury may be reduced quicker with less need for drugs or medication. 
  • Injuries do occur when participating in sport, but the use of Reflexology alongside conventional medicine, physiotherapy and massage may enhance healing and reduce healing time.
  • The relaxing effects of Reflexology may help to combat the negative impact of stress on a player prior to and during competition. Decision making remains efficient and skill levels remain high.
  • Reflexology is a holistic treatment which encourages mental, emotional and physical health. Only a healthy athlete is able to achieve their full potential, whether that be in fitness levels, decision making, skill levels, psychological arousal or competitive instinct.
  Only when an athlete is fully healthy will they be able to compete optimally!
              Are you or your team competing to your full potential ?
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