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How can Reflexology Benefit Babies and Children?
  • Reflexology helps to support your child's natural healing processes.
  • Reflexology may help to ease and calm babies who are teething, have colic, colds and runny noses
  • Reflexology may help babies and Children to sleep and establish balanced sleep patterns.
  • If a child or adolescent is going through a difficult time (e.g bereavement, divorce, bullying, exams) then Reflexology can be soothing and comforting, supporting them whilst they learn to cope with challenging life situations.
  • Reflexology may help children with physical, emotional and special learning needs.
  • As with adults, regular treatments may help boost the immune system and help prevent illness or speed up the recovery process.
  • Babies and Children often have a quick response to treatments as they don't have the same stresses and strains within their bodies as adults do.
  • Reflexology is great for the teenage years and can help reduce high levels of stress and hormonal imbalances often experienced at this time.
Sole Sisters Reflexologists offer appointments for Babies and Children and are also available to talk to Health Visitors and New Parent Groups.
Reflexology for New Parents
  • After the birth many new parents find themselves coping with unusual routines, exhaustion and lack of sleep.
  • Reflexology may help with boosting energy levels, de-stressing and for new mums, balancing the body's hormone levels to help restore the body to its non-pregnant state.
Why not treat yourself and organise a Reflex Pamper Party or just take some 'ME TIME'
 and have a relaxing and de-stressing Treatment.
Tiny Toes  **New Courses Available** 
Tiny Toes Reflexology is a 4 week course for parents, grandparents and other caregivers with their babies. The course teaches you all the techniques to give you enough confidence to practice reflexology with your baby at home, and provides a fun way to share the physical and emotional benefits of reflexology with your child.
Courses are taught by Sole SistersReflexologists. Come along to one of the organised courses held in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. 
Contact us for more information on Tiny Toes Courses
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