Sole Sisters - Cardiff Reflexology Association
Our Mission
Our mission is to raise the profile of reflexology and to inform as many people as possible about this wonderful therapy and the benefits that can be gained from it.
There is a powerful shift happening at the moment whereby people are becoming more educated and proactive about tackling their own general health and wellbeing. We hope that by giving people the knowledge and understanding of this treatment it will enable them to see this as another option and allow them to make an informed choice. In this way reflexology is empowering as it allows an individual to take control of their own health.
Our belief is that reflexology should be integrated into the mainstream healthcare system, to work alongside allopathic medicine, enabling individuals to be treated as individuals and not just their presenting symptoms. It is only by making people aware that we can start changing attitudes and work towards a more holistic (whole) approach to healthcare.
Ultimately, we hope that as we go about our work, our passion for reflexology and the tremendous benefits it can give will be infectious!