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                          Health and Wellbeing @ Work
" A healthy workplace will bring employers and employees improved      productivity, lower rates of sickness absence and less illness”.
                                                                     (NHS White Paper).
Did you know that the Institute of Personnel and Development says sickness leave is costing British Industry around £500 per employee ?
That's £13 billion a year!
Peter Matthews, International Stress Management Association, states that companies would be well advised to have in place
  1. 'Stress Management Policy' 
  2. An 'Employee Stress Management Programme'
If not they could find themselves faced with a spate of legal claims for stress-related conditions, caused by stressful work environments.
  The Problem
  • Present day demands on business are putting employers and employees under a tremendous amount of pressure.
  • In a MORI poll research, stress was cited as having a negative effect on the health of over a third of the working population (amounting to approximately 8.5 million people).
  •  It is estimated that up to 75% of illness is stress-related.
  • A recent report produced by the Institute of Management confirms that no less than 270,000 people take time off work every day due to stress-related illness.
  • The estimated annual cost to the country, as stated above, is a staggering £13 billion.
 The effects of stress at work
  • Substantially reduced efficiency and accuracy of work produced
  • Reduced performance in physical tasks
  • Negative effect on abstract planning, decision-making and creativity
  • Tiredness and irritability
  • Weakening of the immune system and the development of physical illness
    How can Reflexology benefit your company?
  • Approximately 360 million working days are lost in the uk every year at a cost of £8 billion, and half of these absences are stress related.
  • Many companies are now recognising the need for a 'stress management policy' and an 'employee stress management programme'.
  • Some businesses in this, and other countries now involve Complementary therapists in the maintenance of well being amongst their workforce, yielding some impressive results.
    Success Stories
  • Odense Post Office in Denmark have employed full time Reflexologists since 1990 and report savings around £100,000 a year due to a 13.3% reduction in sickness and absenteeism.
  • SAS Cargo estimate a financial saving of £2000 a month when employees receive Reflexology.
  • Ishoj Municipal Health Department recorded 2,499 fewer sick hours over a 6 month period in which employees received Reflexology, giving a saving of £21,490
  • Fonss and Hove, Solicitors in Kolding, found that employees receiving treatment showed greater motivation and enhanced working ability. After a 4 year period, the need for treatments declined because of minimal sickness and absenteeism
  • Companies in the UK are now beginning to follow suit by offering Reflexology and other holistic therapies to their staff.
  • These organisations include -: multi-nationals; city councils; oil companies; football teams; Entertainment venues; supermarket chains and department stores; computer firms; a dance company; a fire station; schools;  hospitals and many small businesses.

    Other benefits may include:-
  • Enhanced concentration, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Improved creativity, planning and decision making.
  • The ability of staff to cope more effectively under pressure.
  • Provides Quality "TIME OUT" so that work/life Balance can be Reassessed.
  • Speedy recovery and return to work after illness, accident or surgery etc.
  • Enhanced staff resilience and resistance to infection and disease.
  • Increased morale, satisfaction and loyalty of employees
  • Improved relationships amongst staff and between staff and management
  • May provide pain relief for stress-related conditions, such as headaches, migraine etc
   How can Reflexology be used in your organisation?
     Options include :-
  • Treatment could be offered in the workplace.
  • Subsidised treatment offered to the workforce.
  • Working times made flexible so that employees can attend during working hours.
  • By simply increasing employees' awareness of the benefits of Reflexology.
  • By running Stress Busting workshops during lunch hours, at the end of the day or even at weekends.
  • By providing introductory courses where employees can learn how to give each other treatments.
  • The corporate rate for Sole Sisters is £30 per hour per therapist. We can be flexible with the number of clients we treat during an hour, usually 4 x 15 min or 3 x 20 min treatments, depending on the customer requirements.
  •  There would also be a  travel cost for each therapist that attends.
  • Each Reflexologist will bring a reclining therapy chair, relaxing music, cleansing wipes and reflexology cream and only need 15 mins before the event to set up.
  • There will also be leaflets and information available for people to read and take away with them. We can also provide advice and feedback during or after the treatment which our clients find very useful.
  • We will require a brief disclaimer form to be completed by each person before we continue with a treatment. This only take a few minutes so can be done on the day.
                                      Contact us to discuss these or any other options.