Sole Sisters - Cardiff Reflexology Association
                       Charity and Local Events
                               Are you an Events Organiser /Manager ?
                     Do you want to offer your participants a Relaxing, Rejuvinating
                 and Unique Experience ?
                                Then the Sole Sisters  may be just the thing for you ! 
   What we offer
  • We offer a Sole Sisters experience!
  • We attend your event as a group of highly qualified, professional Reflexologists
  • We have our own publicity-: a banner which we hang, leaflets that we hand out, and branded T shirts that we wear.
   How we operate
  • We bring all of our own equipment (including specialist Reflexology chairs, stools and hygiene materials) with us.
  • We are all fully insured.
  • We set up before the event starts and close down after the event finishes.
  • We present ourselves as a group, wearing the same T shirts, hand out the same publicity and work at the same pace.
  • We offer your participants 15 minute treatments, either for FREE or for a small fee (usually £5)
  • We have a booking system in place, so that participants can select their desired time of treatment. This allows them to continue enjoying the event in the knowleged that they have secured a slot with us.
                                  No queues, No waiting NO STRESS!
  What you gain
  • If you are a charity event then we will offer our services for FREE.
  • If you are organising any other type of event, then you can either book us and Pre pay a negotiated fee for our services so that your attendees don't have to pay, or we will pay for a stall and charge a small fee for a treatment.
  • If you are Charity, awarding prizes or doing a raffle, then we are happy to contribute FREE Gift Vouchers for FREE 1hr Reflexology treatments with us at our clinics. 
  • We look Professional, and more importantly we are Professionals so we will be an asset to your event.
  • We give your participants highly specialised treatments that will be tailor made to suite their needs
  • We offer your participants an opportunity to Relax and Unwind, De stress and Detox, and experience a wonderfully healing treatment 
  • Our presence at your event will be a valuable one, hopefully adding to the success of your event and providing an incentive for participants to return to any future events you run. 
  • We offer your participants the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of Reflexology through having a treatment, with the possibility of them returning to us at a later date for a full Reflexology treatment to be given.
  • They will thank you for introducing them to this Powerful Healing Therapy.
   What we gain
  • We are given a platform to demonstrate our wide range of skills and promote the health benefits of Reflexology.
  • We are given the opportunity to hand out our leaflets and gain greater exposure with the intention of generating new businesses and opportunities for ourselves.
  • With each successful event we gain testimonials from organisers and participant which will be published on our website.
  • It will helps us to establish and build up our clientelle in addition to enhancing our positive reputation.
  • When there is a stall/marquee Fee to pay at events, we earn money for every treatment we give
  • We give back to our community by sharing with them and you the wonderful Holistic treatment that is Reflexology!
                               Relax, Re-balance, Detox, and De Stress with us !
Contact us to discuss these or any other options.