Sole Sisters - Cardiff Reflexology Association
                                  About us
                                                                        Hi !
We are  a co-operative of 8 qualified, highly skilled and professional Reflexologists based in Cardiff and the surrounding area.
                                               We collaborate as The Sole Sisters
  • We achieved the Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology taught by Sue Evans BA(Hons), MAR, PGCE and Anne Strange  HND, MAR, DIpN, RGN.
  • Between them they have over forty years of knowledge and experience in the field of Reflexology and Reiki.
  • We all chose to enrol on the Inspira Course in the certain belief that we were 'among the elite of reflexologists, having the greatest depth of knowledge after qualifying at the highest level in the U.K
  • During the course, we not only learned about the complexities and art of Reflexology as a form of healing, we also embarked on a journey  of Self discovery, Self healing and Self empowerment.
  • Sharing this journey, we inevitably grew closer together, so much so that we decided to collaborate, exchanging information, skills and experiences and offering support to each other. 
We also run Individual Complementary Therapy Clinics in and around the Cardiff area to treat individuals on a one to one basis.
                                                   We look forward to seeing you soon!